Tracy Lipson-Beck, DDS
Colonia Dentist Dr. Tracy Lipson-Beck

Venus Bleaching

When you meet someone, your smile is the first thing they see. We have all seen people who smile and laugh, yet cover their mouth because they are not happy with the way their smile looks. A vibrant white smile not only helps make a positive impression, but it makes you feel better about yourself and your appearance.

There are a number of things that cause stained teeth, and it is difficult if not impossible to avoid them all. Aside from the aging process, coffee, tea, soda, red wine, smoking, and certain foods are a few of the common culprits of teeth stains. This is why many people choose to whiten their teeth. With Venus Bleaching, you can turn back the clock and transform your smile.

For your convenience, at our office we provide both in-house 1 hour bleaching and tray bleaching, whichever fits your schedule.

If you have any questions about Venus Bleaching and cosmetic dentistry and you live in or around Colonia, Clark, Scotch Plains, Westfield, Rahway, Woodbridge, Linden, Cranford, Edison, South Plainfield, give us a call today!

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